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Creating a website from scratch can be tough. But it does not need to be.
Years earlier, when I first started producing my sites, there werent a lot of resources. There were basically two choices– learn the fundamentals of site programs languages or hire a designer.
After a short attempt of trying to design whatever on my own, I ended up spending top dollar on a designer. It was more than I desired to invest, but I didnt actually have much option.
Today, brand-new website owners have more resources at their disposal. Its possible to create an expert website without discovering or hiring a designer how to code..
Sound too good to be true? Whether youre a complete beginner or just looking for an alternative method to design websites, youve come to the ideal location.
My Favorite Tool For Website Design.
Wix is my preferred tool for site style. Its essentially an option approach to avoid website design altogether.
As a complimentary site contractor, Wix makes it easy for anybody to design a website and develop from scratch– no experience, development abilities, or design knowledge needed..
The factor I like Wix a lot is that its simply so effortless. Even for such a simple tool, the last style constantly looks professionally made. Individuals will simply assume you hired a designer– its that good..
Another reason why I suggest Wix so extremely is due to the fact that of its flexibility. It can accommodate the design needs of essentially every kind of website under the sun. From basic blogs to portfolio websites, online shops, dining establishment sites, small company sites, and more, Wix can do everything. Other site home builders on the market just do not have the very same versatility..
Continue below, and Ill teach you how to create a website free of charge using Wix..

The first thing you need to do is register for Wix. Head over to and produce an account. This is 100% totally free to do, and you do not even have to give your credit card details.
Simply click one of the lots of “Get Started” buttons on the homepage or anywhere else on the website.
Unlike other platforms, the Wix sign-up process can be completed immediately. There arent any intricate form fields to complete. They just need your email and a password..
You can even bypass typing anything and sign-up with a single click utilizing Google or Facebook..
Once youre registered, Wix will immediately walk you through the site style procedure..
Step # 2: Choose Your Website Type.
Next, youll require to find out what kind of site you desire to design. Your response will have a considerable impact on your style options.
For example, an individual blog and an ecommerce website will have significant distinctions in design choices. A portfolio website utilized to showcase photography or custom art wont have the exact same design as a local restaurant website.
Wix makes this action easy for you. Youll be triggered to choose your website type from a wide variety of potential options.
Based upon your answer, Wix will immediately provide you with applicable templates in that category. If you pick “online shop,” then the design will accommodate item pages, item categories and make it simple for you to develop a checkout procedure..
When you select a website type, Wix presents you with 2 choices for your style:.
Let the Wix ADI produce a website for you.Create your site with the editor.The first option is straightforward and is outstanding for individuals who remain in a rush. Youll just address a few easy concerns, and Wix will design a site for you based on your actions. Its excellent how rapidly the process takes. Youll have a brand brand-new custom website design in less than a minute. The style comes out gorgeous, and aside from personalizing the pages with your own material, youre done.
For the functions of this tutorial, were going to stick to the second choice– creating a website with the Wix editor. This will give you more liberty and control over every element of the style options..
Action # 3: Select a Template.
Rather than trying to develop a website with a blank canvas, its a lot easier to start with a template.
Take a couple of minutes to check out the different alternatives. What styles do you like? Which templates imitate your brand name image? Wix has thousands of design templates to select from. It can be a bit overwhelming at. Narrow your focus based on your particular type of website.
For this example, I pick a “service” website. However thats a really broad classification. If you look to the left side of the screen, you can narrow your focus even more into kinds of organizations..
Wix has particular design templates for consultants, property companies, professional services like finance and law, marketing, therefore much more. Every website type has different subcategories with templates..
If youre developing a blog site website, Wix has templates for personal blogs, travel blog sites, fashion blogs, podcasts, etc
. Your template will become the foundation for the rest of your site style.
Step # 4: Edit Your Layout.
Website visitors will form a viewpoint about your website in less than one second of landing on the web page. Thats why the design is so essential, and all of it starts with the best layout.
Wix templates have already been enhanced for an user-friendly style. You have the liberty and flexibility to make some modifications here..
In this example, Im modifying the “Business Consultant” template. Lets say I wished to move the positioning of the headline on this homepage. I d just click the box in the Wix editor and drag it somewhere else on the page..
Or possibly I wish to rearrange that “Learn More” call-to-action on the best half of the screen. I can click on it and drag the button anywhere I want..
I motivate you to move a couple of things around when youre first starting. This will present you to the Wix editor, so youre comfy down the roadway. If you eventually dont want to make any design modifications, you can always revert back to the initial style..
Action # 5: Prepare Your Content.
Material is a significant component of your sites style. You cant entirely finalize the design without comprehending precisely what materials will be included on the website..
Collect images, videos, GIFs, logo designs, mottos, text (copy), and whatever else you want to display on your site..
Let me reveal you an example to show my point.
Im still modifying that exact same company specialist template. One of the first things I d do on this part of the page is swap the image with a picture of myself. Prior to I do that, I d likewise need to believe about the corresponding text copy on the screens bottom left side..
By default, the template has some blank space here, as Ive highlighted above. While blank area is an important website design function, I dont enjoy how its utilized in this instance.
These are my choices:.
Utilize a full-length image (like the one above) and add a paragraph in the blank space.Use a smaller picture (like a headshot) and just use a single paragraph of text.Both will achieve my goal of getting rid of that empty area of the page. Do you see how one component effects another? All of this is associated to the style, and its much simpler if you have your content prepared ahead of time..
Step # 6: Define Your Branding Strategy.
Start to consider how visitors will perceive your site. Things like the color scheme, fonts, and other design elements will directly impact your brand image..
Click the “Theme Manager” on the left side of your Wix editor. This is the button with an “A” and what looks like a raindrop or paint drop.
From here, you can change your websites style colors. Youll likewise have the capability to modify your default text themes for paragraphs and headers..
In this case, the present color scheme works well for an organization expert. Lets state you were developing a site for kids.
If you added your company logo designs and other products back in action # 5, youll wish to ensure that the color pattern streams well with the rest of your content..
Action # 7: Add Landing Pages.
Your landing pages will each have distinct styles. While they need to all follow the very same branding concepts and theme of your web page, the style options will have some variations.
To add a page, click the leading icon on the left side of your Wix editor. Click “add page,” as Ive highlighted listed below.
New pages will basically be a blank canvas, other than for your header and footer. But instead of going back to square one, you can “include a strip” to any page based on what content it will contain..
Just click the “+” button on the editor to search through some options.
Think about this as a tiny design template. Apply the very same concepts you used back in action # 3 when you first chose your general website template..
This is just a much easier way to design brand-new landing pages. Wix already has so numerous great options that its unworthy attempting to develop your pages from scratch..
Step # 8: Focus on Usability.
In some cases during the style procedure, you can start to lose focus on how visitors will engage with your site. User experience (UX) cant be overlooked..
When they visit a site, there are specific style finest practices people anticipate. They expect the navigation menu to be at the top of the page. They expect the footer to consist of contact information. They anticipate the logo to take them back to the web page.
Lets take a look at something easy, like a navigation menu:.
In this example, there are just 4 pages in the menu. You could maybe get away with including a couple of more. Beyond that, its too much.
If this website had 10 or 20 pages in the menu, envision. It would be a catastrophe. The top of the page would be too messy, and visitors would never discover what theyre looking for. Overall, that would be a poor design choice..
Believe about use with every design choice you make, from CTA positioning to scroll effects, white space, architecture, and everything in between..
Dont attempt to reinvent the wheel here. Follow website design best practices, and the UX will be great..
Action # 9: Optimize the Design For Mobile Devices.
According to Statista, roughly half of all worldwide web traffic originates from mobile devices. So theres a coin-flip opportunity that each visitor on your website will be browsing from a smartphone or tablet..
You need to ensure your site style is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, visitors will bounce, and youll never get mobile conversions..
Wix makes this procedure easy for you..
From the editor or previewer page, just click the mobile icon to switch far from the desktop view of your site..
Wix will automatically enhance your site for mobile. But its still a great idea to inspect whatever out for yourself to see if you wish to make any changes. If you see something you d like to change, you can edit your websites mobile style without changing the desktop variation..
Step # 10: Publish Your Website.
As soon as youve finalized the design, its time to get your website live on the web..
Its worth keeping in mind that your website doesnt have to be 100% completed to publish it. You can constantly return and include pages at a later time. As soon as you have a homepage, about page, contact page, and a handful of website elements, get it published so you can begin producing some traffic. Just make certain you dont release any incomplete pages..
Click the blue “Publish” button at the leading right of your Wix control panel to continue.
As I said previously, you can design and publish a website with Wix 100% for free. However theres a catch.
Free Wix users will not get to personalize their domain. All domains include your Wix account name, followed by Wixs branding, and then your websites name. As you can see from the example above, the domain here would be:.
This is not a practical option for any business-related site. Its alright if youre simply using the website to experiment with website design concepts. If you desire a legitimate website with genuine visitors, youll require to upgrade to a premium Wix plan..
Now youll be able to utilize a custom-made domain name, either purchased directly through Wix or from a third-party domain registrar. Just get it from Wix if you do not currently have a domain. Its simpler to manage whatever through a single platform.
Site style has actually really evolved throughout the years. What was once a significant difficulty or expensive venture for brand-new site owners can now be accomplished with ease.
Site builders like Wix essentially remove the need to design sites from scratch.
Non-technical users and individuals with no style experience can select a design template and occupy their website with custom-made material. Theres no need to learn any web programming languages or work with a designer..
Sign up for Wix, follow the detailed process noted above, and youll have an expertly created website in a matter of minutes. Its that basic!

Whether youre a complete beginner or just looking for an alternative way to design sites, youve come to the ideal place. It can accommodate the style requirements of practically every type of site under the sun. Youll have a brand brand-new customized website design in less than a minute. If youre creating a blog site website, Wix has templates for personal blogs, travel blogs, style blogs, podcasts, and so on
. Your template will become the foundation for the rest of your site style.

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