Theres such a wide range of web hosting expenses out there. Ive identified the leading expenses associated with web hosting and how to evaluate those expenses as youre going shopping around. As an industry leader in the web hosting area, more than 2 million sites around the world rely on Bluehost for hosting. Some service providers use free web hosting or web hosting for less than a dollar. Ive determined the leading ten expenses associated with web hosting above.

Every website needs a hosting strategy..
Theres such a large variety of web hosting costs out there. Its overwhelming for novices and experienced site owners alike. Just how much should you pay for web hosting? Are you overpaying for web hosting? Just how much does webhosting really cost?
Some plans begin below $1 monthly. Others start at over $2,000 per month!
To make matters a lot more complicated, there are 330,000+ webhosting service providers on the marketplace today. Searching for the best web hosting plan for your website without paying too much can seem like a difficult job..
Im going to let you in on a little trick– you dont need to overpay for web hosting..
This guide will teach you the truth about webhosting costs. Ive recognized the leading costs connected with webhosting and how to examine those costs as youre looking around. Youll find out more about how much you ought to pay for specific web hosting benefits and whether you even need particular functions in your hosting strategy..
My Favorite Tool for Keeping Web Hosting Costs Low.
Bluehost is my favorite tool for keeping web hosting expenses low..
As a market leader in the webhosting area, more than 2 million sites around the world rely on Bluehost for hosting. They have bundles for everyone. Whether youre starting a little individual blog or searching for a brand-new service provider to host your company website with countless month-to-month gos to, Bluehost can accommodate your requirements..
To be clear, Bluehost is not always the most inexpensive webhosting supplier on the marketplace. Some service providers offer totally free webhosting or web hosting for less than a dollar. However you need to avoid free web hosting at all costs– there is constantly a catch..
Bluehost actually delivers in terms of value. They offer low entry-level pricing for new websites, and their webhosting services assist keep other costs low with time..
Continue below to discover more about basic web hosting expenses. Ill even describe how Bluehost can assist in saving you some cash in a few of these classifications..
Expense # 1: Web Hosting Type.
The type of web hosting plan you select will have the most significant effect on the rate. This isnt a quick and difficult guideline, however usually speaking, heres the order noted from cheapest to most pricey:.
Shared web hostingCloud web hostingVPS (virtual personal server) web hostingDedicated server web hostingDepending on the hosting company, cloud hosting and VPS hosting may be changed. However the list above is a good guideline..
Have a look at this prices page from Bluehost as an example:.
As you can see, theres a significant rate gap in between each type of webhosting. The beginning cost of a devoted server is approximately 20 times higher than the shared starting rate..
Unless youre anticipating substantial traffic surges out of eviction, the large bulk of brand-new websites ought to stick to a shared plan. Thats the very best way to save some money, and you can constantly upgrade down the road as your site grows..
The majority of shared plans can accommodate anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 regular monthly visits. You should think about updating to a VPS or cloud bundle when you start getting into the 50,000 monthly check out range. I wouldnt think about a devoted server up until you eclipse 100,000 regular monthly check outs, and even at that point, its not 100% required..
Cost # 2: Contract Length.
Generally speaking, youll require to commit to a longer-term contract to get the most affordable possible rate. This is among the finest ways to save cash on webhosting costs, specifically as a new customer..
Depending on the supplier, plans are normally provided in 12, 24, 36, and approximately 48-month agreement terms. Month-to-month web hosting isnt really typical. So expect to commit to a year, at a minimum..
Heres an example of the different prices used by Bluehost based upon contract length:.
As you can see, theres a $2 per month distinction in cost between the 12-month contract and the 36-month contract. This isnt life-altering money or anything like that. But it will save you $72 throughout 3 years..
When you sign up, just understand that youll require to pay upfront for your agreement in full. In this case, $3.95 monthly for 36 months actually implies $142.20 today..
Expense # 3: Renewal Rates.
Securing a long-lasting contract also helps you prevent renewal rates. Its standard practice in the webhosting market for providers to offer low advertising rates and then jack up the prices when your agreement restores..
Dont get me incorrect. Its not like they arent in advance about it. Many people do not think about the expenses theyre going to sustain three or four years down the roadway. Some companies double, triple, or perhaps quadruple your rate upon renewal..
Lets take a better take a look at the shared hosting plans from Bluehost. You can clearly see the renewal rates listed below each introductory price.
In this case, the renewal rate is more than double the initial price. Believe it or not, this is really fairly reasonable compared to some of the other web hosting companies on the marketplace today..
Theres not a great deal that you can do to avoid this increase. Your best choice is to simply lock in a long-term introductory contact. Thats the very best way to save the most cash..
Once your website has been up and running for a couple of years, the additional expenses upon renewal should not feel like too much of a concern..
Cost # 4: Hosting Resources.
Every webhosting plan assigns a certain number of resources to your site. While this might differ slightly from one supplier to another, heres a basic introduction of what to expect:.
Heres a screenshot from Bluehosts VPS rates table to show my point:.
As you can see, the SSD storage, RAM, and bandwidth increase at each tier. The variety of CPU cores stays the exact same from the Standard to Enhanced strategy however doubles at the Ultimate bundle level..
Some service providers provide “unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth. Just be forewarned that youre not really getting unlimited bandwidth. Unrestricted bandwidth doesnt actually exist. Even the best servers have limits. Unlimited bandwidth simply indicates that you can use as much bandwidth within a particular variety provided by the company..
How much bandwidth do you require? This isnt a specific science, however usually, 5 GB of bandwidth can accommodate up to 15,000 or 20,000 visitors monthly browsing pages with an average size of 50 KB..
If your traffic differs significantly from month to month, consider a cloud hosting plan. These bundles generally permit you to scale resources on-demand to accommodate traffic spikes..
Expense # 5: Setup Fees and Site Migrations.
Many webhosting service providers offer complimentary setups. This is particularly true with entry-level bundles, like shared hosting plans. Nevertheless, if the provider in fact requires to take extensive steps to get you started, you might incur some setup charges..
Setup fees are more common at the devoted server level, where providers need to physically include hardware parts based upon your strategy requests..
You may sustain a site migration fee as well if youre transferring your website from one hosting provider to another.
Bluehost charges $149.99 for website transfers. Other companies use this service free of charge, however it shouldnt make or break your choice to use one web host over another.
You can validate the expense by having a professional handle this for you. I do not suggest trying to migrate a site on your own. Too much can go incorrect, so pay the fee and do not reconsider it..
Expense # 6: Domain Registration.
Usually, I wouldnt blend domain registration and web hosting. Its normally in your benefit to get your domain from a domain registrar and your hosting bundle from a web hosting company..
That said, new sites can bundle the 2, particularly through Bluehost. All brand-new Bluehost customers get a free domain for one year with a webhosting membership..
Its cheaper long-lasting to get your domain directly from a registrar. Bluehosts domain renewal rates will be a bit greater. However overall, the included cost is pretty limited..
A lot of new website owners will simply find it much easier to bundle everything under one roofing system, rather than utilizing different platforms for a domain and hosting strategy..
Cost # 7: Security.
I dont care what kind of site you have; security requires to be a leading priority for everyone..
There are a handful of various security procedures that ought to be added to your website. Im describing things like network procedures, spam filtering, malware scans, firewall programs, and more. However you can get extra security straight from your webhosting service provider..
At a minimum, every web host ought to be using you a totally free SSL certificate. Thats become a market requirement, and I would not recommend any host that charges an extra SSL cost..
The exact security choices differ from supplier to company, however heres an example from Bluehost.
For $2.99 per month, SiteLock Security Essential offers you automated malware detection, endless page scans, blacklist monitoring, file-level scanning, automatic malware elimination, plugin scanning, weekly reports, and more..
Additionally, you might constantly skip this and intensify security by yourself. If youre using WordPress, there are lots of excellent WordPress security plugins to think about..
Expense # 8: Managed Support and Server Maintenance.
Handled web hosting has ended up being increasingly popular throughout the years. The term has various meanings depending on the strategy and supplier youre using, however simply put, a handled webhosting will look after all the server operations behind the scenes. This typically consists of setup, upkeep, server monitoring, support, updates, and more..
High-traffic sites could consider a handled WordPress strategy..
The entry-level managed plan from Bluehost starts at $19.95 monthly and can accommodate as much as 50,000 visitors monthly. These strategies scale all the way up to websites with 500,000 month-to-month visitors..
You certainly require to believe about the upkeep costs if youre using a devoted server. Dedicated servers are normally offered with handled or unmanaged alternatives..
Youll be accountable for the expense of upgrading the server and maintaining on your own. Unless youre really technical or have a dedicated IT group, its normally much better to just get a managed strategy from your hosting provider.
Expense # 9: Package Extras.
Every webhosting company makes an effort to sign you up for as numerous different services as possible. Browsing through upsells is simply part of searching for webhosting.
With that stated, you can avoid the large majority of add-ons and upsells used by webhosting, particularly the ones that arent straight connected to web hosting..
Heres an example to show you what I imply:.
The web hosting costs highlighted above come to $142.20. If you add-on all of the bundle extras to your strategy, your total becomes $277.83. Thats a big jump from an advertised price of $3.95 each month.
Believe it or not, Bluehost actually does not even offer that many bonus compared to other hosting service providers. Some will use double and even triple this quantity..
The key here is knowing what to pick and what not to pick..
A single domain SSL isnt essential, as youre already getting a complimentary Lets Encrypt SSL with your plan. You do not require the marketing or SEO tools. SiteLock Security Essential is something we discussed previously..
If youre not going to get security features elsewhere, including it on now is a great choice.
Codeguard Basic is another 50/50 choice. It includes daily backups, one-click brings back, and other helpful tools. However you could always get this later on from other plugins or services..
Cost # 10: Downtime.
Downtime is an indirect expense of webhosting. Its not something that youll see on your costs.
Every time your website goes down due to a server crash or network mistake, it costs you cash. The kind of site you have and your monetization method will determine precisely just how much cash youre losing..
You can use uptime tracking from Pingdom to see how various web hosts stack up with each other. Heres an example showing Bluehosts uptime stats over the last ten months..
Dont just take a look at an uptime warranty from a hosting company and assume youre in good condition. Those guarantees typically come with all kinds of contingencies. In the occasion that they stop working to satisfy the uptime arrangement, youll simply get credit off of a future bill..
That $0.50 or $1.25 credit two years from now isnt worth the cost of losing consumers today..
Constantly take a look at evaluations to see what real people need to say about the uptime reliability of various web hosting suppliers. Regular downtime can be pricey long-term..
Whats the reality about webhosting costs? You dont require to pay a fortune..
Your total cost to host a website will depend upon several various aspects. Ive recognized the top ten costs related to web hosting above. As you can see from this list, its really fairly simple to keep hosting expenses low if you understand what to search for..
Bluehost is my favorite method to save cash on web hosting. So if you register with them, youre on the ideal track. Youll even get a totally free SSL certificate and free domain.

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